What is a Sale?

It’s hard to resist a  sale, especially around the holidays. But it’s important to consider the circumstances surrounding your sale items. With clothing retailers, for example, it’s typically a change in season that encourages items to go on sale. But with jewelry items, such as diamonds and gold, the season doesn’t affect the value.

We always encourage our customers to shop and compare prices when making an important jewelry purchase. But it’s important to arm yourself with knowledge so that you are comparing “apples to apples.” Many times, items may look similar when compared side by side. But when it comes to diamonds, for example, there are differences in carat weight, color, clarity, cut, origin and quality that only a certified gemologist can determine with a trained eye. And while most of these differences can be subtle, they will substantially affect the beauty, durability and value if your diamond.

Most times when you see retailers flashing signs with 30% off gold necklaces or 50% off diamond rings, it’s because most sale prices are built into a “suggested retail price.” This means these items are never sold at the original price and are always sold at a discounted rate because the retailer chooses to mark their prices up, in order to mark them down. By some retailers purposely inflating prices and then lowering them, it gives consumers the illusion that something is “on sale.” But when it comes to jewelry, you want to consider the cost of what you are paying directly correlates to the value of what you are getting.

Unlike many retailers who use sales as a marketing tool to draw in customers, Van Sipma Jewelers believes in truth in pricing, which why in over 100 years of business we’ve never had a sale in our store as we pride ourselves on marking our items at a fair price from the start. With 113 years of experience in the jewelry business, we’ve always believed in providing a good value and a fair price to our customers, which is why Van Sipma’s has been a trusted jeweler in the Chicagoland area since 1900.

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